Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés/Projet Primates France

Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés/Projet Primates France

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Welcome to the official blog of the association “PROJET PRIMATES FRANCE, which works to help the CCC,” Center for Chimpanzee Conservation “, in the Republic of Guinea.
The CCC collects and rehabilitates orphaned chimpanzees, from poaching and trafficking in live animals. This work is conducted in close collaboration with the Guinean authorities. Eventually, the CCC wishes to reintroduce as many of these orphaned chimpanzees in nature and that awareness of local people helping to stop the influx of new residents.

PPF is born of the desire of people who shared the same experience: a few months of life to the CCC to help orphaned chimpanzees who are learning to live in their natural environment. This experiment marks the hearts forever.
The chimpanzees are as many species of primates are threatened with extinction. Great apes have undoubtedly wider publicity because of their genetic proximity with humans. But many disappear or go away with indifference.
We wish to develop education here in Europe but also in countries endemic endangered primates, to sensitize the public to these disappearances.
Everyone is responsible, by his way of life, consume or by sorting its waste, its impact on nature. It is difficult to convey to consumers that its French garden furniture in hardwood stamped “Africa” ​​has caused irreparable loss of hectares of forest and its wildlife, and the poachers who use the roads hauling massacred families full of chimpanzees, gorillas and other animals.
Our aim is to inform, educate for everyone to act responsibly. PPF would like to bring this message of education, awareness, reflection, conferences, lectures and debates.
The conservation of biodiversity is a huge field, and we, the members of PPF, wish to make our contribution to the building.



We invite you to discover this superb documentary by Jerome Grenèche entitled “A Helping Hand”. This film retraces the steps that helped lead to the reintroduction of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Since 1999, Guinea, the Chimpanzee Conservation Center rehabilitates orphaned chimpanzees from poaching. Rehabilitation requires long years in which orphans learn to live in groups in their natural environment. In 2008, twelve chimpanzees were returned to the National Park of Upper Niger – but chimpanzees will soon disappear if nothing is done to protect their home against overexploitation of forest resources and mining.
The CCC meeting for some time a very difficult time … After the 2 cars fell in the center bay is now the turn of bush fires to ravage … Here’s a news volunteers and trainers on site:

“A huge bush fire has hit the CCC yesterday. All of the CCC team, trainers aid volunteers, fought for hours to prevent the fire from jumping over the firewalls that surround the sanctuary. It was not finished last night since the fire had jumped the road and continued to burn around s. Today will be critical as a bushfire can always come back, pushed by winds from the dryer … The Saioni Director of CCC has called us last night, exhausted, stressed due to the long hours and because of car problems. We decided by common agreement to purchase without waiting for an engine of opportunity for the Pajero, which is broke down three weeks ago. With a “new” engine, we hope that the Pajero will work. We can not wait to have a 2nd car, the situation is too dangerous for everybody – staff and chimpanzees – at this time . We’re going to buy this engine thanks to funds raised by our association through the French Project Primates France, usually for operating expenses of the CCC, but we do not touch the money raised to buy a new car . We continue our battle for this fundraiser and sincerely hope to be able to buy a new vehicle soon “

Any help, even less, will be welcome …

If you want to help in these very difficult times, give online. Every bit counts!

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