N’Dama, Sam and Bailo have arrived at the CCC

N’Dama, Sam and Bailo have arrived at the CCC

Source: http://www.janegoodall.es/es/

N’Dama, Sam and Bailo arrived safely at the CCC on wednesday. They were transferred from Koundara by Charlotte Houpline, (GALF (Guinée-Application des Lois Fauniques) coordinator – who is in charge of the legal prosecutions against the 3 Chinese who illegally had these babies), Liliana of JGI Spain and their team.

Yesterday night the 3 babies were doing well.


After their quarantine, Sam and Bailo should be integrated with Tango, Tya and Labe, and N’Dama, who is younger, should go with Leonie, who recovers well from the surgery!

A huge thank you to Charlotte and her team, the conservator and his team of the Badiar National Park and to the volunteers of JGI Spain who took very good care of the 3 babies until the CCC could take them.