The big day is very soon for Leonie!

Estelle, with the TV crew and the neurosurgeon, arrived safely in Faranah. They have finished the shopping at the moment, with the CCC team, who comes every WE to buy supplies. Karl, the surgeon, also saw one
of our worker’ mum who suffers from a respiratory infection. Estelle bought her a treatment.

Then, the team has taken the road to go to the sanctuary. Leonie is apparently doing very well, which is really good news for the surgery: she will be able to bear the surgery and she will recover quickly! Karl examine Leonie today to see how he will proceed. All the equipment will be prepared today so everything is ready for tomorrow morning. Estelle will keep us posted as soon as the surgery is over and Leonie starts to wake up. Tuesday will be a stressful day…

Yesterday was also the big day for Lindsay, a former CCC volunteer, who has ran 31miles on behalf of the CCC chimps! She managed to collect $1,000 for them, a huge thank you to all the people who supported Lindsay’s incredible run!what an effort! Thank you Lindsay to support the chimps years after years and thanks to all of you for your support!

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