We need your help

We need your help

The « Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés », a PASA accredited sanctuary in Guinea (Conakry, West Africa) is looking for vet volunteers for 6months preferably (but 3 months are accepted) starting mid-July! We need 2 vets for this summer (mid-July) and then we will need more ones for the end of the year.

The CCC is a sanctuary rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphan chimps victim of the bushmeat trade and pet trade. The CCC currently takes care of 40 chimps (1year old to 32 ears old) and follows 9 released chimpanzees. The Centre is also involved in sensitization programs, park protection and non-invasive scientific research.

We look for vets to help us to take care of the chimpanzees’ health. The vet’s duties are:

– daily monitoring of the chimps’ health in close collaboration with the local team of
keepers and management
– Treatment of any medical problem = decide and implement treatment, make sure
treatment is correctly given, follow up
– Participation in any chimp rescue if necessary
– Taking care of newly arrived chimps: first assessment of status, first treatment,
implementation of a nutrition plan if necessary, etc.
– conducting any basic lab work when necessary (simple lab equipment on site)
– monthly faecal examinations and deworming when necessary (chimps, staff,
volunteers and cats )
– monthly dental records of the youngest + weighing
– filling in regularly the chimps’ medical reports
– taking care of the vet-room, cleaning, following up of the drugs/vet equipment stock
– keeping on the basic vet training of the local keepers (basic general examination,
assist during anaesthesia, preparation of darts and darting techniques, basic medical
techniques, etc.)
– making sure all the staff (local and expatriate) follows and respects the hygiene and
quarantine procedures and standards
– taking care of the staff health for simple and minor medical issues, filling in the staff
medical records
– when needed and asked by the manager, going to the release site for any reason
(check a release chimp, changing collars, or simply spend time there as all the

The vet volunteers also take part of the normal daily life: preparation of meals/milk bottles, they go on walks with the younger chimps, take part in the community life (cleaning the camp, cooking, etc.) and any other activities, when they are not busy with vet activities.

We look for motivated vets who are willing to give their skills, motivation and time to help this project! The candidates must be able to speak and understand French (to work with the local keepers), to live in the middle of the bush in a small community (about 10 volunteers and 8 local staff) without access to the outside world, in harsh living conditions (no electricity, for water we sometimes rely on the Niger River). We look for vets with a good first experience of practise even with domestic animals (basic surgery, elementary emergency
techniques, etc.), with possible a first experience with primates, experience of travel and life in community.

The CCC cannot afford to pay the vets but food and lodging are covered. The candidates have to pay for their flight, visa and health insurance.

If you have some experience and you are willing to help a chimpanzee conservation project, please apply! Send a cover letter, your CV, a copy of your degree and 2 references to Christelle Colin wara_guinee@yahoo.fr