A tribute to Rappa

It’s always tough to announce sad news. We learnt on Thursday night of Rappa’s brutal death; he was  17 years old.

Rappa was rescued by the CCC in 1998; he was only 2 years old. He was very gentle with both other chimpanzees and humans. Rappa was released in 2008, but he was brought back to the sanctuary after 10 months of freedom because he had difficulties in adapting to an independent way of life. There was a second attempt to release him in 2011, but this failed as well. He was then placed in Ced’s group. Rappa was one of those chimpanzees happier to live his life in the peaceful and safe setting of the sanctuary. Because of his easy going and happy personality, he rarely engaged in conflict with others for dominance. But his large size made him an ideal ally for Ced or Paco. Rappa was a gentle giant, with his puffy eyes and kind stare…

Rappa passed away by accident on the 10th of April, 2013; he died from a viper bite. His disappearance has baffled us and leaves us voiceless. We will miss him dearly.


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