Baby boom in the released group!

Baby boom in the released group!

We are very pleased and very happy to announce that Lottie, 24 years old, is the happy mum of a beautiful daughter, born yesterday afternoon! Lottie and her daughter are doing well!

Lottie was released almost 5 years ago with her first son Andrew, born in 2000 at the CCC. Andrew left the released group in November 2008 and was seen in July 2009 with 2 other released chimpanzees.

Lottie got a second son, Jackson (on the photo, taken in September 2011) in November 2009. Jackson sadly disappeared at the beginning of 2012.

Lottie is a wonderful mum and her daughter is a new addition to the released group’s “nursery”, as there are now 3 babies with Niamankoro, Mama’s daughter and Dinié, Nanou’s first son. Lola, released 2 years ago, is also pregnant! Her first daughter, Siala, who was born 5 years ago at the sanctuary, will be for sure a great sister!

So much happiness for the released chimps!

Lottie et Jackson