Charlotte is a 13 years old female, who was rescued by the CCC 10 years ago. She was confiscated near a bauxite mining site, near Boké, close to the Guinea-Bissao border.

Charlotte is a small chimp but a very strong character! She was in the adult group (Ced’s group) but she decided lately that she wanted to see the younger males of the teens group! As she is small, it’s really easy for her to go through the enclosure and go to visit the teenager males, especially Wodo and Max… This behaviour is natural in chimpanzees as young adult females usually leave their maternal group to join another group, to prevent incest.

It was then decided to integrate Charlotte along with Vévé, Oga and Habou (who were supposed to be integrated in Ced’s group, but it wasn’t very successful) with the teenagers group. Charlotte is doing extremely well as she is the dominant of the group with Vévé! Oga, who is a very nice male, call them to order if necessary! The young males, Lobaï, Nelson, Max, Wodo and Dan, are very happy to have these 2 beautiful ladies with them!


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