Fire season

Since last Tuesday bushfires threat Somoria. The CCC team fights these fires in order to protect chimpanzees’ enclosure camps and trainers / volunteers. The fires are caused by poachers at Bakaria area, near the release site at 13:00. The CCC team has lit firewalls, but fires came again wednesday behind the village somoria. Having managed to block, our teams on the field have decided to make a bigger firewall on the other side of the road of Sidakoro. The fire returned Thursday around 15:00, crossing the road and going beyond firewalls. Result: the fire came from Coffin went back to somoria and crossed the road. CCC teams thus rekindled firewalls but it is currently insufficient. At Bakaria, bushfires threats forests since 10 days and patches of forest necessary to preserve could not be saved ….

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