Tribute to Bettina Sallé

The purpose of this Project Primate film is to educate the public about some of the threats facing wild chimpanzees: poaching, and habitat loss due to mining, road construction, oil drilling and the lumber trade. Project Primate has worked with the Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés (CCC) since 2005, and since then the CCC has reintroduced sixteen adult chimpanzees back into their natural habitat in the heart of the Upper Niger National Park during two releases, the first in 2008 and the second in 2011. Since then, the females from those groups have given birth to several babies, and we hope that they will have long, happy lives in their natural habitat!

This 2013 teaser was created as a tribute to Bettina Sallé, who devoted her life to primate conservation and disappeared tragically this spring.

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