A tree cutter/climber at the CCC

Last year during the rainy season, a huge tree, common in our area called a “fromager” (cheese tree…) fell on one of our electrical fence. It had been eaten by termites for years so the trunk was hollowed out. There was two trees on each side of it. One small one that we managed to trim and one very big one that is also eaten by termites. This 40 meters tree (over 120 feet) is menacing our chimpanzee structures. If it fell it will kill the chimps.
Thankfully a professional tree trimmer/climber is willing to come to the CCC during Christmas holiday to cut the tree “standing” which is a very technical operation and also dangerous. He needs financial help to purchase his ticket and specific tools that he’ll left at the CCC when he leaves. The French organization that supports the CCC: projet primates france has created an appeal on ulule if you wish to support his very needed trip to the CCC to protect our chimpanzees.

rodolphe devant fromager

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