A “wild” chimp near a village in Faranah area

A few weeks ago, a “wild” chimpanzee was spotted near a village about 80 kilometers from the CCC. Thanks to our sensitization programs prior to the release, villagers reach out to us every time they see a chimpanzee. We believed, when they contacted us, that it was a wild chimpanzee getting closer due to habitat destruction but this time we are really wondering who this chimp is… The villagers have reported that they had fed him/her. No wild chimpanzee would take food from a human. We think it might be an orphan that was “released” (ie abandoned) by his owner in a forest nearby. The CCC has sent two keepers to that village and the manager is on stand-by in Faranah. So far, after 3 days, the chimpanzee hasn’t been seen. We will keep you posted.


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