Meet a CCC chimp

As every Sunday “Meet a CCC chimpanzee”. Today we are presenting Hawa.
Hawa is in the same group than Noel and Missy, the babies group.
She arrived at the CCC in April this year when she was about 3 years old. We heard about her being kept in a village so we informed the Guinean authorities and GALF (Guinée- Application de la Loi Faunique) about her. They mounted a confiscation with Interpol which allowed them to arrest the poachers. The poachers had killed Hawa’s mom and ate her while keeping Hawa in the village, probably until they could sell her. Hawa was, at first, very scared of human beings and shied away from contacts. She was thin and had wounds around her waist from the chain the villagers had put on her.
Today, she’s well integrated in the babies group. She spend her time in the forest with Noel and Missy with a keeper and a volunteer. She’s quite possessive of the volunteer, who acts as a substitute mom, that the three of them have to share. Wild baby chimpanzees don’t have to share their mom so it’s quite an adjustment for her (and for all of the orphans living at the CCC). Slowly but surely Hawa is learning the CCC’s way of life and we’re hoping that one day she’ll be able to return to the wild, where she belongs and that she should have never left.


hawa angl

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