Meet a CCC chimp

Today as every Sunday, you’re meeting one of the CCC chimpanzees. We will continue with our saga with Zoe, Moucky and Coco tomorrow.
Meet Sanka our latest arrival in the nursery group. She was confiscated in Tokonou (high Guinea) where she was living for a few months. We heard about her through the national park authorities and contacted GALF. Thanks to the collaboration with GALF and the Guinean authorities, she was confiscated and brought to the CCC right away in 2014 when she was about 5 years old.
Sanka was really thin, anemic and dehydrated. Since she was “old” when she was orphaned, she had loads of wild knowledge, such as how to make a nest, fish termites, vocalization… After her required 3 months quarantine that she spent with Missy, she was integrated with the nursery group. Although smaller than the rest of the bunch, she managed to find her place.Next Sunday, we’ll present the babies’ g


sanka in car stuart and sankaSanka

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