Moucky and Zoe in the fence

Five hours of laughing and chasing for Moucky and Zoe! Last week, Moucky, 12, joined Zoe, 16, in her fence and they enjoyed each other and the fence very much. Unfortunately when Moucky’s surrogate Dad, Stephane, left his position around the fence, she got out to follow him using some over hanging trees. Cheeky girl. She willingly went back into her own cage (with “Dad”). Since then, tree clearing has been done and the girls will be able to enjoy time together in the fence again. It’s wonderful for both these females who’s been deprived of chimpanzees company their whole life (until they came to the CCC) to have companionship. Will they become BFF? We hope so.


Camille Kowalsky - Zoé dans arbres 12.2012 (2) pr FB Mouky 19022015 Chédemail Stéphane pr FB

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