Moucky’ story on video

Remember Moucky? We talked about her a few weeks ago. She is a teenager female that spent her first 10 years in human contact. She was “release” ie abandoned by her owner last year. She quickly found a village where she could stay close to humans. The authorities contacted the CCC then and we rescued her at the beginning of 2015. In this video, follow Moucky from her rescue to her meeting with Zoe.
Rescuing orphans chimpanzees is expensive, especially when the chimpanzee is an adult or a teenager. A few days ago we rescued a 10 year old male living around 2 villages. He’s the 61st chimpanzee living in captivity at the CCC (in addition to the 7 released chimpanzees we are still monitoring).
Thank you very much to Ellen Mc Gill for her generous donation to Project Primate, Inc. on behalf of the CCC. You can do the same via our web site Your donation is tax exempt.
On the chimpanzees’ behalf: THANK YOU!



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