Moucky, Zoe and Coco’s Saga episode 4

After months of work to build Moucky a new cage, she was finally moved to her new home next to Zoe’s fence and not too far from Coco. Coco and Moucky can see each other but can’t touch.
Zoe was really curious at first but wouldn’t come close. Then one day we let her come in while Moucky was closed in the front cage. It was the first time that Moucky met a chimpanzee.She was scared but they did manage to touch and even kiss. They are still separated and will be for a while. Coco gets very jealous when Zoe goes in Moucky’s cage. He’s in love…

rencontre moucky zoe pr FB

cage mouky (3pr FB)

Rencontre Moucky et Zoe in cage FB


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