Moucky, Zoe and Coco’s Saga

This week a saga at the CCC in 5 episodes. Three main characters: Coco, Zoe and Moucky. Today we’re presenting Moucky (girls first).
Moucky was kept as a pet in someone’s home in Guinea for years despite our efforts to get her. She grew up and the owner decided to “release” her by having her keeper take her on a motor bike 20 kilometers from her home and chase her with a sling shot. He left her. She tried to walk back. On the way she found a village where people fed her until she became unmanageable. The authorities were informed and contacted the CCC. We sent a volunteer, Stephane, to care for her while we built her a quarantine cage and she joined the CCC in February 2015. She was very traumatized and had a lot of autistic behavior. Stephane, spent hours with her to calm her down. Next…Zoe’s story. Stay tuned!


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