# NYBC Do the right thing

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center and its support organizations: Project Primate, Inc. and Projet Primates France support the campaign to help the chimpanzees abandonned by the New York Blood Lab in Liberia and in Ivory Coast. Project Primate, Inc. is part of the coalition ‪#‎NYBC‬ Do the right thing
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with Daouda , Keeper CCC. Sylvie ex Volunteer CCC, Anne Claire, volunteer CCC, Estelle, Founder CCC & PPI President, Jeanne, ex volunteer CCC and board member PPF,
Matthieu, manager CCC et membre du conseil d’administration and board member PPF, Alex, volunteer CCC, Christelle, director CCC, Albert, keeper CCC, Anissa, volunteer CCC, Sékou, keeper CCC, Gaèlle, ex volunteer CCC, Stéphane, volunteer CCC
Claire, ex volunteer CCC, Frank, board member PPF, Antoine, keeper CCC, Viviane, ex volunteer CCC, Ismael, keeper CCC,
Jacques, camp manager CCC, Mamadi, chimp tracker CCC
Eddy, volunteer CCC, Lorène, treasurer PPF and board member PPF, Tara, volunteer CCC, Ibro, keeper CCC, Sory, keeper CCC, Amaury, Ex volunteer CCC, Mélanie & her son, board member PPF, Julie, volunteer CCC, Elise, manager CCC, Faya, keeper CCC, Céline, PPF President


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