Rambo, one of out four latest rescue

Meet Rambo, one of our newest rescue !

Rambo, approximately 15 years old is one of the CCC latest rescue.
He was confiscated with 3 other chimps from an illegal zoo in Kindia, Guinea. The shut down of that zoo led to the arrest of a few traffickers.
You can see Rambo when he arrived at the CCC and was transfered to his new quarantine home, built thanks to Olsen Animal Trust.
He won’t be alone since next door are living his 3 other companions of misfortune, a 5 year old female and two young males.
He is stressed and wondering what is going on.
Despite all, he is a loving and sweet boy.
We are giving him and the other rescues 24 hours care. The cost is high and we need you.
They went through so much before reaching the CCC. Let’s not forget the refugees of the forest.
The French support organization, Projet Primates France, has created a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to care for these chimps.
You can read their stories and make a donation via this link:
Thank you!

Rambo arrival at CCC

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