Projet Primates France is an association (law 1901) created to assist the “Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés” (CCC) in Guinea and contribute to the preservation of primates. Primates France project is the brainchild of people who have shared the same experience: a few months of life at the CCC helping orphaned chimpanzees where they learn to live in their natural environment. This experience forever brands their hearts.

Chimpanzees, as many species of primates, are threatened with extinction. Apes benefit from more extensive attention because of their genetic similarity to humans. But many are disappearing or will disappear in the near future.

Our goal is to develop educational programs here in the Europe, but also in countries with endemic endangered primates, to alert the public of the threats to chimpanzee extinction.

Every person plays a role in the negative impact on of nature by their way of living, eating, or by producing waste. It is difficult to convey to consumers that their exotic wood furniture stamped “Africa” ​​has caused irreparable loss of hectares of forest and its wildlife, and that poachers, who use the logging roads, have massacred whole families of chimpanzees, gorillas and other animals.

Our goal is to raise awareness and ask every person to act more responsibly. Projet Primates France endeavors to communicate this message through education, awareness, reflection, conferences, presentations and discussions.

Conservation of biodiversity is an extensive field, and we of Project Primates want to make our contribution to building awareness.

Projet Primates France comes & speaks to schools ( preschool to high school), for more information, click here.

Projet Primates France attends many events across France. You can follow our activities on Facebook.