Eco-volunteer responsabilities at the CCC

West African chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus ) are now critically endangered due to the alarming disappearance of their habitat, the illegal trafficking of their meat and babies. In Guinea, chimpanzees are victims of human expansion but also of an organized criminal trafficking of baby chimpanzees that are sold mostly abroad.

Chimpanzees are fully protected by international and Guinean laws.

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC) is a Guinean sanctuary that works closely with the authorities to confiscate and rehabilitate orphaned chimpanzees after their confiscation, with the ultimate goal of reintroducing them to the wild when possible.

In addition, the CCC is developing conservation activities such as support for the protection of the Haut Niger National Park, environmental awareness and community development in order to participate globally in the conservation of chimpanzees in Guinea.

The CCC continuously welcomes enthusiastic and motivated volunteers to gain unique experience in an in-situ conservation sanctuary / project while bringing their skills to the project in support of our local team.

These are the reasons we are looking for volunteers: to help us in our chimpanzee rescue and rehabilitation missions, alongside our local team. Our keepers are professionals and the volunteers come to help them. Contacts with chimpanzees are limited to a minimum, meals, care, contacts with chimpanzees are provided by our keepers.

We are also open to concrete proposals for internships, scientific research (on chimpanzees, non-invasive research only) around our direct activities (eg ethological research) or in connection with our conservation activities. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.

Our basic Volunteer missions Include :

1 . Help with the rehabilitation of chimpanzees, help to the local keepers :

  •  Creating and Providing enrichment and spending time with chimpanzees who are isolated for social reasons or who are waiting for integration
  • Bush walks in the forest with the keepers for the youngest chimpanzees’ groups. Contacts with chimpanzees are limited to the strict minimum
  • Sometimes helps to clean the night cages of the youngest chimpanzees
  • Help in the care of newly arrived babies, if necessary , in support of the keepers (night next to babies if needed, presence with day keepers, cleaning babies’ living spaces, etc.)

2 . Participation in the daily life of the project :

  • When the “camp helper” is on leave, preparing meals for the volunteer team, cleaning communal areas, camp maintenance, etc.
  • Assistance in cleaning the infrastructure of the center (veterinary clinic, etc.)
  • Accompany the driver to the villages for food supplies for chimpanzees
  • Participation if necessary in the maintenance of structures (weeding, painting …) and development of the infrastructures for the chimpanzees and the project (satellite cages, electrified enclosures …) according to the competences
  • Participation in any other particular on-going project in progress according to the skills

3. Participation in activities at the release site :

  • Telemetric tracking of released chimpanzees and other conservation missions around the release site in support of the tracker team
  • Life at the camp (preparation of meals, camp maintenance, care of animals on site (cats, monkeys), etc.)

Required profile :

  • Be motivated and enthusiastic to discover and participate in a unique project to conserve an endangered species
  • Ideally between 24 and 50 years
  • Being in excellent physical and mental shape
  • Have a minimum of French spoken (and read) in order to work with the team safely
  • Diploma and / or experience in the following fields :
    * Working with primates, in captivity or in the wild
    * Working with wildlife, in captivity or in the wild
    * Nature management, conservation
    * Ethology
    * Telemetry tracking
    * Censuses, follow-ups and biological studies
    * Specific manual skills masonry, electricity, welding, electrified enclosure knowledge, constructions …
  • Being adventurous and not scared by a life in the middle of the bush and far from civilization, without contact with the world, within a micro-society
  • Being open to a new culture, patient, curious, but respectful of local habits and project
  • A multi-month travel and / or work experience in Africa is a big plus

Terms of volunteers mission :

  • Mission of 3 months (or different duration if specific mission)
  • Accommodations in Conakry , Faranah and CCC are provided
  • At the CCC, Faranah, or during missions, 3 local meals / day provided (mostly local rice-based food, limited in variety at the CCC due to isolation)
  • Transportation from Faranah to CCC
  • Participation in transport between Conakry and Faranah

At the volunteer’s expenses :

  • Contribution of 600 € or 700 $ for 3 months payable to our partner organizations PPF or PPI
  • Travel from the airport to our accommodation in Conakry (round trip)
  • Journey from our accommodation in Conakry to the train station (round trip)
  • Accommodation expenses in Conakry from 30 €
  • Any extra personal during the stay (drinks, cigarettes, extra food, communication)

If you are interested, please, complete the formulary and return this form to