The Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC) is a Guinean sanctuary that works closely with authorities to welcome and rehabilitate confiscated, orphaned chimpanzees, ultimately aiming to reintroduce them to the wild if possible. 

To assist the project in our mission, the CCC welcomes volunteers to support our local team. Our local caretakers are full-time employees and our volunteers come to support their work. Contact with chimpanzees is limited to the minimum.

We are also open to proposals for internships or scientific research around our conservation activities. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.


Rehabilitation of chimpanzees

  • Create enrichment  for chimpanzees
  • Accompany  caretakers on bush walks with the youngest chimpanzees (Limited contact)
  •  Help for clean cages
  •  Content production (photos, movies, stories, etc) to feed the data for the communication of CCC.

Daily life

  • Occasional meal preparation for the team and camp maintenance 
  • Clean the common areas
  • Purchase food in the surrounding villages
  • Various other work (interviews, construction, etc…)

Release Site Activities

  • Telemetric tracking of released chimpanzees and other conservation missions around the release site in support of the tracking team
  • Camp life (preparation of meals, campt maintenance, animal care on site)


  • Ideally between 21 and 50 years
  • In excellent physical and mental shape
  • Proficient in French (spoken/read)
  • Ready to live isolated (in the forest) without contact with the outside world and within a micro-society
  • Open to a new culture, patient and curious

Preferred : 

  • Travel experience in Africa
  • Diploma and / or experience in the following areas:
    * Primates and/or wildlife
    * Conservation, natural resource management, ecology
    * Telemetry tracking
    * Censuses, monitoring and biological studies
    * Skills in masonry, electricity, welding, etc.


  • Mission of 3 months (negociable only if a specific mission)
  • Accommodation at Faranah and CCC provided
  • At the CCC, Faranah, or during missions, 3 local meals / day provided (local food mainly rice, and limited in variety at the CCC due to isolation)
  • Transportation from Faranah to CCC

The following will be paid by the volunteeer :

  • Contribution of 600 € for 3 months payable to partner PPF or PPI organizations 
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Transportation Conakry to Faranah.
  • Accomodation at Conakry (we help you to choose the best way)
  • All miscelleous expenses (drinks, cigarettes, extra food etc.)

To apply, download and fill out our application form to send to the following address: