In order to carry out its projects, the Chimpanzee Conservation Center and its support organizations, Project Primates France and Project Primates Inc., have a network of partners. Our partners support us in various ways, including supporting the center financially, providing material support, and providing access to greater publicity and media coverage. All of our partners, however, have a similar objective: to support the protection and conservation of animal species and their habitats. The continued work of the Chimpanzee Conservation Center would not be possible without our wonderful partners.

 We wholeheartedly thank our past, present, and future partners.

We also thank the Guinean Government for partnering with us in achieving our mission of conserving of wildlife and protecting of the Upper Niger National Park. 

And of course thank you to the hundreds of supporters, large and small, who contribute to the CCC’s success via paypal or directly on our website.

Partnership search

Project Primates France and Project Primates Inc. are always looking for partnerships with new fiscal sponsors or organizations implementing projects that are part of a broader nature protection initiative. Project Primates France and Project Primate Inc. also offers corporate sponsorship opportunities to companies that are interested in supporting environmental causes. All donations and support via PPI are tax exempt in the USA. In exchange for support, Project Primate Inc. promises to disseminate as widely as possible and to the extent of its means (website, exhibitions, media) the name and image of the partner and sponsor.

If you are interested in any of the above, do not hesitate to contact us.