To carry out all of our projects, Project Primate Inc. (PPI) and Projet Primate France (PPF) have developed a network of partners with common objectives: the protection and conservation of animal species and their habitat. Without them the actions of PPI. and PPF would not be possible.

These partnerships, of various types, may have distinct objectives: to help the association in its activities financially, materially or to provide communication and media coverage of the most important activities.

We warmly thank our past, present and future partners.

Over the years, Arcus Foundation has been a strong supporter of PPI for which we are very grateful. Their grants have enabled the CCC to purchase a truck as well as ongoing support for ape conservation.
Thank you with all our heart to PAL. Amusement and animal park, which, through the foundation « Le Pal Nature », announced regular financial support for the Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC). Le Pal also wanted to promote the activities of PPF. We are very grateful to them.
A huge thank you to Tusk Trust for their continued support. Tusk Trust has been helping the CCC with grants for tracking equipment, salaries and funds to construct a local camp for the chimp monitors. With their support, the CCC was able to release 15 chimpanzees into the National Park du Haut Niger on the 27th June 2008.
International Primate Protection League has been a longtime key supporter of the CCC. Over the years, funding from IPPL has allowed the CCC to build a new food supply room, buy transport cages for a release project, make a tunnel to allow a group of chimpanzees access to another enclosure, buy produce for the chimpanzees and respond to emergencies, to name just a few examples.  We are eternally grateful for their support.
The Fondation Nature & Découvertes (FND) finances the education program implemented by PPF and the CCC. Every year, FND receives 10% of profits generated by their commercial enterprise activities and distributes the profits to various organizations involved in protecting nature in France and Africa.
Projet Primates France wishes to thank the Fondation Brigitte Bardot for financial support used to purchase food for the chimpanzees at Chimpanzee Conservation Center.
Great Ape Trust US Fish & Wildlife Pan African Sanctuary Alliance
Columbus Zoo Global Federation of Animals Sanctuaries Ecogine
Zoo de la Palmyre SCT Swedish chimpanzee trust Zoo de Chetser
IPPLDisney Worldwide Conservation Fund Abaham FoundationAbraham Foundation Goodetrust Edith J. Goode trust
IPPLAssociation Jérémie Capon Abaham FoundationDirty Monkey Ecogear Ecogear
Citadelle Besançon Jardin zoologique de la Citadelle de Besançon

A special thanks to the Guinean Government who partner with us in our mission to conserve wildlife and provide park protection.

Research Partnership

Project Primate Inc. seek partnerships with other organization conducting or funding projects with a goal to aid conservation as a whole. Project Primate Inc also offer sponsorship opportunities for companies sensitive to the environment and a desire to work actively to protect nature. In exchange for support, Project Primate Inc agrees to disseminate, as widely as possible and to the extent of its resources (website, exhibits, media) the name and image of the partner and sponsor.

If you are interested making a proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us.