The sanctuary is located in the heart of  the High Niger National Park along the Niger River. Since its creation in 1997, in cooperation with the Guinean authorities who confiscate illegally held orphans, the center has welcomed nearly 100 chimpanzees of all ages.

The Chimpanzees rescued by the CCC are orphans whose mother and other group members were killed. The babies are caught to be sold as pets while the adults are killed and sold as bushmeat.

Currently, there are over sixty chimpanzees living at the sanctuary.

At the CCC, the resident orphans go to “  forest school “  to learn survival behaviors that they would’ve learned in the wild with their family (i.e. how to interact with other chimpanzees, how to forage, which predators to avoid etc.)

This learning process takes several years. Chimpanzees, like humans, develop slowly.  They are not considered adults until 13 for females and 15 for males.   

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  By sponsoring one of our orphaned chimps, you can follow their rehabilitation process and development.