The Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC) is located in Guinea, West Africa. Guinea is bordered by Guinea-Bissau (386 km border), Senegal (330 km), Mali (858 km), Côte d’Ivoire (610 km), Liberia (563 km), Sierra Leone (652 km) and the Atlantic Ocean.

Guinea has four topographical areas:

  • Coastal area, Lower Guinea or Guinea maritime
  • Mountainous area, Middle Guinea
  • Savannah in the north, Upper Guinea
  • Forest area in Southeast, Forest Guinea

Located in Upper Guinea and in the heart of the Haut-Niger National Park, the CCC is approximately 450 km from Conakry, Guinea’s capital, and 80 kilometers from the city of Faranah. The camps, Somoria and Bakaria, are located on the banks of the Niger River and are surrounded by savanna and tropical dry forests.


Bords du fleuve Niger à Bakaria

Banks of the River Niger in Bakaria

Main environmental threats include: mining (iron, bauxite, gold, diamond), deforestation, population growth, bush fire and wildlife poaching.