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Visit the Chimpanzee Conservation Center

The sanctuary is located within the fully protected area of the Parc National du Haut-Niger, a 16 hour drive from Conakry. Entrance to the area must be authorized by local and national authorities regulating the park. To enter, permission must be requested from the Parc Conservator (or in his absence, by his assistant) in Faranah. Authorization must be in writing so that it may be proven at any time. The amount of the entry fee to the park is approximately 50,000 Guinean Francs (GNF) to be recorded as received on behalf of the Parc National du Haut-Niger. Once the fee has paid and the authorization validated, an agent of the Parc will accompany you for your visit. The authority granted and the amount paid as entrance fee to the Parc and has no value for the admission to the CCC.

The CCC does not encourage visits to the sanctuary due to lack of facilities for visitors. CCC representatives are present every weekend in Faranah. It is essential to receive their permission before visiting the site. Such permission may be refused depending on the activities and situation at the sanctuary at the time of request. If you are granted permission to visit the sanctuary, a contribution to the project of 50,000 Guinean Francs per person (10,000 Guinean francs for nationals) will be required. The visit must take place during the day since the CCC does not have the facilities to accommodate visitors and visitors must bring their own food.  While visiting the CCC, as a safety measure and as part of our health rules, visitors are not allowed to have contact with chimpanzees, but they can nevertheless observe from a distance during the 12h and 15h meals. Visitors who are sick will not be permitted because chimpanzees are extremely susceptible to human diseases.

The CCC will refuse entry to any visitor who did not follow the protocol for visits.