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Teaser of Projet Primates – a tribute to Bettina Sallé


Teaser of “Une main tendue”:

The reporter, Jérôme Grenèche, was charged with communication for Projet Primates France, won second prize in the « Planet Reporter » competition hosted by YouTube and Le Monde in December 2009 and January 2010. This report, less than 5 minutes, highlights the importance of safeguarding the Guinean forests from deforestation in order to protect seriously endangered chimpanzees.

The report entitled, « Une main tendue », directed and edited by Jérôme Grenèche during his stay at the CCC in 2009, aims to raise public awareness of the long rehabilitation process of orphaned chimpanzees supported by the CCC with a view to their reintroduction  into their natural environment. It shows the daily operations of the CCC and the importance of rehabilitating the young chimpanzees, given the threats facing the future of the wild chimpanzees in Guinea (including poaching, deforestation and mining). The emphasis is on social learning when out in the bush everyday as well as awareness raising campaigns carried out by the CCC to the villages bordering the Parc National du Haut Niger. A summary report of the 25 minute video was presented 22nd congress of the French Primatologist Society (SFDP).

“One minute to midnight for great apes”:

The objective of this video clip of the association France Primates Project (FPP), also directed by Jérôme Grenèche, is to educate the public about the threats to the last great apes (poaching, destruction of forests due to mining, road construction, the exploitation of timber and oil drilling etc..).


You may also watch the video showing the (pay-per-view) protected chimpanzees at the CCC. The money earned from the paid viewing helps us in our work to protect primates.