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In 2007, the Chimpanzee Conservation Center launched an awareness campaign on the illegal bushmeat trade and illegal pet trade of chimpanzees in the nearby city of Faranah. Because of this campaign, a resident of the city approached the Center to discuss transferring Douma to the sanctuary. While well-intentioned, this man purchased Douma in neighboring Sierra Leone to “save” him from the pet trade. Unfortunately, purchasing orphaned chimps only continues the cycle as it provides profits to those who engage in these activities; a lesson the local Guineans learned through the campaign.

Douma was born in 2006 and transferred to the Center’s care in 2007. Upon arrival, he was very ill; sick with the flu and suffering from severe malnutrition, ringworm and extreme fatigue. He spent a month in quarantine with the volunteers for treatment and much needed rest and recovery. His name means “sweet” in local Malinke dialect and his name couldn’t be more fitting. Despite his tenuous beginnings, Douma has remained kind and sensitive as he’s grown into a healthy adolescent.

Douma spends his days walking through the forest with fellow orphans Panza, Hakim, Kirikou, Lily, Ama, Flo and Demu learning to find food and develop skills to be successful in the bush. He has a particular gift for using tools to open the hard shells of nuts and fruits; gaining the envy of his peers. Douma’s story reminds us how essential community education is to not only save individual lives, like Douma’s, but to end the illegal trafficking of all wild and endangered animals in the future.

Douma upon arrival :

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Douma pees:

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