Mugs “Twizz” made in France

Mugs “Twizz” made in France


These mugs are unique! Made by the brand Neolid, they are the only ones entirely “made in France”. Not only has their very innovative, perfectly waterproof closing system won them 2 gold medals at the Lépine competition, they are also ecological, reusable and recyclable mugs. Isothermal, they keep your hot drink warm for 2 hours and cold drinks cool for 6 hours. What a way to put a kick in your step during walks or on the way to work!

To admire the unique closing system of this mug, click here: Neolid mugs 



All profits go towards the protection of chimpanzees, an ethical and useful purchase, for you and nature!

Additional information

Weight 173 g

Bleu irisé, Purple

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