Sumba first day

As promised, the latest news on the 50th orphan who’s arrived two days ago. Meet Sumba! That’s her new name. She’s less than a year old. As you can see on the pictures, she’s already a star. Her arrival was filmed by a french crew and photographed by Dan Kitwood from Getty who’s currently on site.
As usual with babies that young, a volunteer was chosen to become Sumba surrogate mom. Audrey, the lucky new mom, will spend night and days with Sumba for a few weeks/months. Sumba will be able to find love, care and safety in her arm. As you can see in the picture, Sumba is already settling in Audrey loving arms. Sumba is physically Ok as our vet Cristina found out apart from minor skin rashes but she will need time to overcome the psychological trauma of seeing her mother killed, being capture and kept in solitude, especially at such a young age.
If you too would like to become a surrogate mom, have at least 3 months to give, contact us:
audrey and sumba christina and sumba sumba resting

Bobo and Mamadi Oulare

The teenagers at the CCC have been busy dismantling their night structure. We called our usual welder, Mamadi Oulare, from Faranah for help! He’s been working for the last week reinforcing the structure.. until next time. Some chimpanzees (mostly the males) love to see him work: welding, cutting bars, using big machines that makes lots of noise… Mamadi is used to them and has some favorites. His most favorite chimpanzee is Bobo, but who would not love him, our big gentle giant? Here he is sleeping.
Picture credit: CCC and Chloe Savanin


5tonnes pr FB Bobo dort - Chloé Salavin -FB 2014

Bamba and the teenagers

What is the teenagers’ new attraction? It’s not a what but a whom.
It’s Bamba, the teenager who was rescued a few weeks ago. He is still in quarantine in front of the veterinary room. But we do wonder who’s watching whom: Bamba is as interested if not more than the teenagers. It bids well for Bamba’s future.


LesMoyensqui regardentBamba pr FBBamba5 pr FB

Thinking of France

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center (Centre de Conservation pour les Chimpanzés) has many friends, supporters, donators in France. We also get many volunteers from France. The founder and the management staff are French. Today we’re sharing the french nation sadness, mourning and incredulity.


labe pr FB


Sun set over Sambouyah, the closest village to the CCC. A not-so-easy drive of 10 miles that takes close to 2 hours. We buy tons of forest fruits and grown produces every week from this village (and others) as well as providing them with medical care, transport to the city (35 miles away) and very importantly micro credit they can reimburse in goods. Thanks to the CCC manager’s family, Sambouyah will soon have a school that every children can attend. The CCC isn’t just about chimps. It’s also about the local community. Helping them live in respect towards natural resources and animals.


Sambouya angl


Here is Habou, one of the chimpanzee who arrived at the CCC with many psychological problems. For years he was self mutilating and he had a hard time fitting into any groups. We almost lost hope when he was moved with the teenagers where he still is; thanks to Lobai who decided to befriend him. He’s still a low ranking male but very much liked by the girls, especially Veve who stalk him when she’s in oestrus. Look at his face and how beautiful he is now!



Abou pr fb