New ways to help!

You can now help the CCC when you shop!
You don’t have to change your log in or do anything special, just use amazon smile.
So let’s shop and smile!

Thank you!

Since you were swamped yesterday, on #greatapesgivingday, today just a quick note to thank you all for your efforts in smiling, sharing, supporting and donating.
Thanks to all of you we’ve raised $5 943 that comes up to $5 708 once charges has been removed. A pretty impressive amount for our first time participating in this friendly competition AND we might still get some of the awards! We will keep you posted if we do.
This fund will help improve Coco’s life, our oldest resident but also escape artist, by offering him a playroom when he’ll have more space and where he’ll be able to meet Zoe and Moucky, two not releasable adult females currently living next to him.
On his behalf and all the CCC team, thank you. Coco has a little picture for you 😉 Please keep liking and following us. We love to share the lives of our chimps with you.


Great Apes Giving Day

It’s today! For the next 24h: smile, share, support, donate for your favorite Great Apes. Twelve of us from Africa are in friendly competition. We are all counting on you!
Ape Action Africa
Chimp Eden
Chimpanzee Conservation Center (that’s us!…/Chimpanzee-Conservation-Center)
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project
CSWCT Ngamba Island
Drill Ranch
Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project
Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Every one of us can win awards depending on YOUR support. The Awards are made possible by generous sponsors: American Anti Vivisection Society (AAVS), Maria Norbury Foundation, and Arcus Foundation.



Save the date: October 4th

The CCC has entered the Great Ape Giving Day.
Check out our page on RAZOO and let us know how to improve it.
Donations can start on September 12th.
We decided to focus our appeal on our non-releasable chimpanzees using Coco as the ambassador but you’ll hear about Moucky, Zoe, Bobo and Bamba as well.