After Black Friday, Cyber Monday, it’s giving back time with #GivingTuesday.
N’dama is one of the chimpanzees from the CCC you can sponsor her here under the “help us” section.
We are saving lives like N’dama thanks to you. Be their “chimpions”



Tomorrow we are counting on you. There are many chimps to choose from.
With any sponsorship you’ll get a personalized certificate, a biography of your favorite chimpanzees and an official letter of thanks. Any donation to the CCC via Project Primate, Inc. is tax exempt.


Toto has finally arrived

Toto has reached his new home last Sunday. Dondo, a research student, has traveled with him to ease his transition to his new surroundings but Toto has already made friends with two of our experienced keepers, Faya and Sekou. Toto has lost his mom due to a snake bite in Fongoli Forest in Senegal when he was only a month and half old. He is in good health and good spirit. He loves grooming: to groom and to be groomed. He’s a quick learner and we have no doubt that he’ll settle well at the CCC. Thanks to Friends of Animals Neighbor Ape and Janis Carter for caring for him and funding his transfer to the CCC. Toto will spend his quarantine away from the other chimps but will have Dondo and the CCC keepers to keep him entertained. You can sponsor Toto for as little as $5/month on our site http://www.projetprimates.com/help-us/ so don’t hesitate!




Caution: Rated R picture ;-)

Caution: Rated R picture 😉
Noel, 4 years old, has been busy, very busy since the integration between his group (big babies) and the Nursery group, has started. He is in love with Sanka, 8 years old, one of the “older” girls. Although Noel is too young to be fertile, he is practicing his technique a lot and Sanka is happy to oblige (look at the size difference). The other males (older boys) have been understanding with him but their patience is running low. Time for Noel to hide when he wants some intimate time with Sanka.


New ways to help!

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