The Team

The Team

The Team

The Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés (CCC) team is composed of:

  • The Director
  • Managers
  • The Guinean Team
  • The team of volunteers
  • The Scientific Advisors

The Management Team

Christelle Colin became director of the CCC in 2015.
Mathieu Laurans is the General Manager and Elise Neveu and Rodolphe Violleau, are work-site Managers.

The Guinean Team

It takes a great deal of courage and dedication to work at the CCC. While the volunteer teams frequently change, the CCC is run primarily by local staff, and is consistently composed of compassionate, dedicated individuals. Currently, the team is composed of two drivers that drive from the sites to the villages to buy and transport the Center’s food and basic needs, ten keepers at Somoria (Albert, Bernard, Faya, Ishmael, Ibro, Daouda, Diallo, Sekou, Sory and Pascal. and three keepers at Bakaria (Robert, Mamadi, and Robert) . This is a great team consisting of men with tender hearts that understand the significance of their hard work. They are compassionate towards the chimpanzees and without them, the work at the CCC would not be possible.
Living conditions are unique at the CCC. Due to the isolated location of the sanctuary, it requires everyone to live on-site. Faranah, the closest big city, is a minimum 4-hour drive from Somaria. Volunteers and CCC staff alternate taking weekends in the city to buy food for the sites. The keepers also go into the city where they are able to rest and spend time with their families.

The team of volunteers

To aid the keepers in their daily work, we welcome a team of international volunteers. Generally, there are 6 to 8 volunteers who dedicate a minimum of 6 months working alongside the Guinean keepers in caring for the chimpanzees by feeding, cleaning, and socializing (For more information go to our « volunteer » page).

The Scientific Advisors

For advice on scientific, veterinarian, behavioral and logistical questions, the CCC regularly requests guidance from Catherine Sourmnail and Melanie Pignorel (veterinarian) and Tatyana Humle (primatologist) located in Europe. Their contribution is much appreciated and essential to the CCC.